Nokia’s C7 shows face in London


Today was a big day for Nokia; the company took the day to show off the latest and greatest coming from the depths of their development labs. The E7 which is supposedly the new standard for business phones is indeed the feature device of Nokia World even held in London. However the company also was kind enough to show off their new C7 model and it looks pretty cool to say the least.

The new C7 is a Symbian ^3 running device and is expected to launch in Q4 of this year, so within the next few months. The Symbian rocking C7’s screen measures in at 3.5 and is indeed an AMOLED display, and provides “tactical feedback on touch display”. The screen displays resolutions of 640×360. The C7 comes equipped with an 8MP camera with dual LED flash that is capable of recording video in 720p. For storage options the C7 comes with 8GB of “mass memory” as Nokia calls it as well as micro SD space that can accommodate up to 32GB of memory. The C7 design was, according to the spec sheet designed with the “Extensive use of metal”, similar to the C6-01 that was also shown off today.

The C7 will retail for €335 and should be available soon as release time puts the device in Q4. You in or remotely interested? These new Nokia phones are sure to be a hit, as Nokia keeps on rolling though out the world rest assured they will be going nowhere in the near future. Meego is another story obviously!

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