Nokia’s C7: Pics and video leaked


Back in June there were some leaked pictures of the C7 that found their way to the great wilderness of the internet.  The Nokia C7 has come back into the forefront of the interwebs with a video, so we should all know what happens next.

More and more information about the C7 has been leaking out slowly in the past few weeks. Now with the culmination of not one, but two videos and a seemingly professional photo’s it looks that the world should be bracing for the C7 soon. The Chinese based site has leaked some remarkable pictures of the C7 and some not so remarkable videos of the C7’s form factor and an additional software video. Via the videos it looks as if the C7 is a Symbian 3 powered device that sports a 3.5 multi-touch display. The C7 also supports Flash banner ads, (yeahh.. we all need mobile banner ads) this presumably done by Flash Lite 4.0 which was also found on the Nokia N8. Another Nokia consumer driven function of the new C7 is that the unit can charge off of standard micro USB and or Nokia’s proprietary 2-mm connectors.  The C7 can also handle 720p recording as demonstrated. More detailed specs on the C7 did not make the leak; however the more details emerge the more impressive this C7 will become. The reviewer in the video for no apparent reason states that the C7 will make it to the market place before Nokias N8 does. Check out the two videos below, oh and before you flame the comments, yes the video is in Chinese.

So with Nokia in the news with some good looking devices, do you remember now who Nokia is? Let us know why you think the C7 will be a great phone.


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