Nokia’s Asha Series 40 Devices Come equipped with awesome colors

Earlier this week Nokia finally announced its long awaited entry into the Redmond built world of WP7. The idea of Nokia building new devices that were not Meego or Symbian based struck a chord with many that were interested. The Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 are impressive enough and are sure to help WP7 make some headway into the international smart phone market. But Nokia is obviously not putting all their eggs in one WP7 basket. Alongside the Lumia announcements Nokia introduced the world to the Asha series devices, a new family of feature phones that are defined as “Asha: A new family of smarter mobile phones”. So what does Asha have to offer? Well options and high quality options at that.

The Asha line up comes ready at the helm with four variants that will give end users all the choices they need. Starting with the high end of the group the Asha 303, this new device is equipped with a 2.6 inch touchscreen that is perfectly placed above a full QWERTY keyboard. Internally it runs the power of Nokia’s own Series 40 operating system which gets its go from a 1GHz processor. It comes with 100 MB of user memory and up to 32 GB of expandable microSD memory. The 303 sports a 3.2 mega pixel camera that can also shoot video.It is also equipped with stereo Bluetooth, Wi-fi and complete access and a built in focus on ease of use internet and social networking. The Asha 303 is expected to ship within the coming months and will run you around 115 EUR.  

Next up is the Asha 300. The 300 offers up a slightly smaller touch screen measuring in at 2.4 inches and trades away the full QWERTY for an alphanumeric keypad. It also uses a 1 GHz processor, 128 MB RAM and 250 MB ROM that lets the Series 40 OS do its thing. The camera gets a bump up from the 303 to a 5 mega pixel shooter that sports a 4 x zoom and can also record video. It also comes with expandable microSD memory and 3G data speeds. The Asha 300 will cost you around 85 EUR and is expected to begin shipping in the coming months.

The final two Asha devices are the Asha 200 and Asha 201. While they are ultimately the same device the Asha 200 version sports a dual SIM card slots for those worldly travelers, or people trying to hide stuff something Heisenberg should have been up on. So the 200 and 201 sport the same external build which is comprised of a 2.4 inch LCD touch screen which sits above a perfect navigation bar and full QWERTY keypad. It is run with the power of Series 40 OS, sports expandable micro SD memory, stereo Bluetooth connectivity, a 2 mega pixel camera with 4x zoom that can record video. It sports social integration and comes in 8 different color options, the orange one being the best of course. The Asha 201 and the Asha 200 will be made available in the coming months and will run potential buyers 60 EUR before taxes and all that jazz.

Do any of the new Asha series devices from Nokia tickle your fancy? Or is it Nokia WP7 all the way? Take a minute and let us know what you think of these new Nokia devices below and before you leave check out all the Nokia accessories you’ll ever need.

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