The New Nokia Asha 310 Gets Introduced to the Masses



Nokia debuts the new Asha 310 S40 Dual-Sim Wi-Fi enabled handset. Nokia has been on a run with their latest in Windows Phone devices. As the world holds its breath to see what the company will unveil at this year’s MWC a new handset from the company is announced. In the latter months of 2011 Nokia announced a set of handset that were not WP indoctrinated. The Asha line was introduced in some excellent color options and in a few different form factors. After steady improvements to the lineup we now have around fifteen different Asha models. A new model however has been introduced today; the Asha 310 is set to be the successor to the Asha 308 and 309 models.

Nokia turned their back on a solid operating system, Symbian to focus on Windows Phone devices. The company however did not give up on their Series 30 and now Series 40 software. Nokia S40 devices have sold over 1.5 billion handsets worldwide and the Asha 310 is set to continue the trend. The Asha 310 is set to join the S40 ranks and cost you about $102 bucks! Pretty sweet price point, but what can we expect? Nokia’s Asha 308 and 309 were approved as “smartphones” back in 2012. The Asha 310 starts with a 3 inch LCD touch screen that offers up a 400×240 pixel resolution at 155 pixels per inch. It comes with an 1110 mAh battery that should yield you about 17 hours of talk time and 25 days of standby time. Processing details are unfortunately not listed however the Asha 310 is set to pack in 64 MB of RAM and 128 MB of ROM alongside expandable microSDHC memory up to 32 GB. Around back it’s set to carry with it a 2 mega pixel camera that can record video. Additional connectivity will be provided by its GPS, Nokia Maps, Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi, and micro USB. The Asha 310 also has a few tricks up its sleeve. It comes with dual SIM card capabilities as well as Wi-Fi connectivity which is a first for the company. The Nokia Asha 310 is expected to make its debut in “Asia, India, the Middle east, Africa and Brazil starting Q1 2013”.

While the Asha series smart phones may not be the high end flagship we all look for they are solid smartphones that get the job done. Anyone care to comment? Sound off below and remember that we carry a wide range of Nokia accessories.

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