Nokia Announces their X, X+ and XL Android Devices!



Nokia has officially launched not one, but three Android phones! Nokia if you don’t know is a cell phone manufacturer that has been at the top of the heap for years now. A while back however the company was facing a rather unsettling future and turned to the power of Windows Phone and in turn, Microsoft sorted the company by buying them out. The result of this merger is Lumia handsets and a huge host of people wondering what a Nokia made Android would be. Well folks the wonderment is over as the Nokia X, X+ and XL have been made Android official, even if it’s at Microsofts will!

The Nokia X was rumored, leaked and speculated for months and the day has finally arrived. Also known as the Nokia Normandy, this new Finnish made handset runs their own version of Android 4.1.2 and comes with a whole host of proprietary software including a Nokia Store, HERE Maps, and Skype built in. The Nokia X while it does stir the Android pot a bit is a mid-ranged smart phone. It starts with a 4 inch IPS LCD touch screen that offers up a 480×800 pixel resolution at 233 pixels per inch. Internally it packs in a Snapdragon S4 system chip that uses a dual core 1 GHz processor for computing! Additionally the X has 512 MB of RAM, 4 GB of internal storage and expandable micro SD memory options up to 32 GB. The X comes with a 3 mega pixel rear facing camera w Its packs in a 1500 mAH battery, GPS, dual SIM card support, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and micro USB connectivity.

Nokia XL

The Nokia X+ and Nokia XL are pretty much more of the same. The X+ however gets a slight bump as it runs with 768 MB of RAM and an included 4 GB micro SD card out of the box! The Nokia XL is also a bit more of the same, but is slightly larger. The XL comes with a 5 inch screen with the same WVGA resolution, a slightly larger 2000 mAh battery and an improved camera sensor that snaps images with a 5 mega pixel sensor.

The software on these devices however will prove to be the “story” as Google applications, services and even the application Play Store is nowhere to be found. Looking over pictures of the handset you will notice the software UI is strongly engrained with the Windows Phone Tile approach. Price wise these new X’s are cheap. The X starts at €89, the X+ €99 and the XL €109. The handsets will begin to see the light of day starting in March and will target Asia, South America and some European markets.

Anyone interested? Are you curious to see what the future of Nokia’s X series handsets? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know what you think and remember all the very best in Nokia accessories are here.

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