Nokia Announces the Lumia 610 NFC

Nokia has been on a hot streak since their announcements pairing themselves with Microsoft’s WP7 operating system and more over since this year’s mobile world congress. The company has managed to ‘revitalize’ themselves with their Lumia branded WP7 devices. During MWC this year Nokia stunned the mobile world by somehow stuffing a 41 mega pixel camera into a Symbian based smartphone known as the PureView 808. The company then went on to announce its worldwide plans for the Lumia 900 and unveiled their Lumia 610. The 610 was the lonely loner when compared to the PureView 808 and beauty of the Lumia 900, but it is now getting some shine time.

While Lumia 610 may not be anything to write home about when it comes to high powered specs it fits very well in the low to mid range department and now with its confirmed NFC connectivity it’s at least one leap if not a bound  past some of the higher end competition. Earlier this morning a video of the NFC enabled Lumia 610 hit the Youtube airwaves. The video was to sit in line with the Global NFC Applications Products and Services Congress even that is currently taking place in Monaco. While presumably posted in error the video was taken down then re-uploaded by Nokia shortly after they released the press kit for the device. The video which you can check out below takes a brief tour of the devices NFC abilities by Nokias own NFC program manager Andrea Bacioccola. The short video and subsequently the official press release go on to confirm the Lumia 610 NFC variation and a few of the tricks NFC can turn. The Lumia 610 NFC has been confirmed to be available at Orange first and “can do many cool things”. You can use the NFC technologies to wirelessly connect your phone to elements around you. Like wirelessly syncing the music from your phone to a compatible speaker, or simply tapping on an NFC enabled ‘smart tag’ to instantly follow a particular Twitter account. Additionally the Lumia 610 NFC has been confirmed to work with MasterCard’s PayPass while the likes of Nokia’s Tag Writer look promising. The Lumia 610 will be available to Orange customers in the third quarter of 2012, which by our estimations is not that far off.  The Lumia 610 NFC carries with it a 3.7 inch touch screen display that will provide a 480×800 pixel resolution, it will run Windows Phone 7.5 aka Mango and rock a single core 800 MHz processor that is backed by 256 MB of RAM and its internal storage will peak at 8GB. The Lumia 610 NFC also carries with it a rear facing 5 mega pixel camera that can record video in 720p HD. While it may not be the cream of the crop this new Lumia 610 has some potential in the low to mid range markets. What do you think?

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