Nokia’s CEO compares Androids OS to peeing in your pants to stay warm

Nokia is on the verge of launching some pretty impressive mobile devices that were officially shown off just last week. The E7, C7 and C6-01 were announced last week at the Nokia World Event held in London. With the anticipated devices slated to be available in the coming weeks, it looks like Nokia’s CEO just wanted to remind everyone that Android has no place on a Nokia phone.

 Many industry professionals, analysts and even just common “in the know” end users are claiming that Nokia should drop their Symbian and MeeGo OS projects in favor of the Google ran OS Android. Nokia’s CEO Anssi Vanjoki is not hearing a word of such malarkey and compared the idea to Finnish Boys, “peeing in their pants” to stay warm in the winter months. Basically saying that Android would be a temporary fix that would not be too nice to deal with later in the day. Choice words, but surely makes sense from a business perspective. This has been an option on the table for Nokia for quite some time obviously after these statements, it surely will not happen. However, Vanjoki will be moving on from Nokia in the coming months, so hopefully the model does not change once he’s gone. While opting to stay away from Android, Nokia’s Symbian and MeeGo platforms are sure to see resurgence in the near future. Are you ready?

What do you think of Nokia’s decision to stay away from Android? Would you like to see an Android powered Nokia device?

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