The Nokia 808 PureView brings a phone app to your smart camera!

Mobile World Congress is under way in Barcelona and the future of mobile is busy being shown off. Every year companies large and small make their way to this amazing conference to show off their latest and greatest hardware and software advancements. This ultimately giving the world a look into the future of mobile devices and software, this year the bar is being raised. Nokia is one company that has come out swinging with the announcements of some new devices. The companies’ press conference was littered with a slew of stats that show off the company’s recent swing, but it also included some new hardware. The recently announced Asha series devices have been beefed up with the Nokia 302, 202 and 203 devices.  But after a bit of new Windows Phone 7 details the juice began to flow with unveiling of Nokia’s 808 Pure View. As a new Symbian phone this thing may have been marketed as a new point and shoot camera as it packs in the mega pixels, with 41, count em…yes 41!

The Nokia 808 PureView is surely the star of Nokia’s showing and surprisingly enough, it does not run Windows Phone 7. Earlier last week Nokia leaked out some footage of different scenes and advised the world to “Get ready to capture a pure view”. While the leak left a huge window for rumor, the mystery is now closed with the announcement of this new camera phone. With this new phone, Nokia has successfully made a point and shoot camera. While the 808 PureView is more camera than phone, it is however filling a niche directed at photography enthusiasts, but it also shows us the possibilities of mobile cameras. While the super large camera sensor and exurbanite amount of mega pixels may be at the forefront of this new handset there is other information surrounding the 808 PureView. While it won’t help the beat drop, it is indeed a phone. Firstly and most ironically, the 808 PureView runs with Symbian Belle as its operating system. The OS which was said to be put to pasture is back to the top of the line. The screen measures in at a perfect 4 inches and provides a rather underwhelming 360×640 pixel resolution with an nHD screen. Internally the device will get its go from a single core 1.3 GHz ARM 11 processor, which is backed by 512MB of RAM and 1GB of ROM and 16 GB of internal memory. The 808 PureView can also expand its saving capabilities with an expandable microSD memory slot. The 808 PureView is also said to pack in a global capabilities and provide HSPA 14.4 Mbps data speeds. With details like this you can remember it is a phone, but with a 41 mega pixel camera sensor that has been in the making for 5 years, well it’s easy to forget about that phone stuff. The lens on the camera is designed by Carl Zeiss and can handle continuous focus 1080p recording, while still shots can be captured with its 41 mega pixels. You’ll get images at 7728×5354 at 16:9 or 7152×5368 at 4:3. While this is surely the best picture you’ll find from a mobile phone, Nokia has gone some extra lengths to make it possible. The company is using what they call “over-sampling” technologies to group seven pixels together to form the one ultimate pixel while the phones GPU gets to work processing a billion pixels a second. With the technologies implied you will be able to snap pictures from 5 to 41 mega pixels. Check out the sample pictures and teaser video from last week below.

While Nokia may have the talk of the show for now, this is surely one small step for the company and a major advancement for the future of mobile camera sensors. Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think of the new Nokia 808 PureView. Are you interested? Oh, yea the Nokia 808 PureView is said to make its official appearance come May and will cost around 450 Euros. And as always, if you are looking for the best in Nokia accessories, we have em.

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