Nokia Announces the 207 and 208 3G Phones



Nokia announces the super affordable 207 and 208 3G cell phones! Remember the days before all this smart phone craziness? The days when our phones were just cellular and not all that smart? The days when battery life was not a concern as phones lasted days without a charge. When playing games, aimlessly browsing the internet and social networks did not keep us peeled to our devices like technology ridden zombies? Well, whether you remember this golden age or not, you should know that not everyone in the world uses smart phones and some people are still just using their devices for basic texting and making calls. Nokia is a leader in entry level feature phones and have introduced two new contenders with the Nokia 207 and Nokia 208.

The Nokia 207 and 208 devices are straight forward, bar styled cell phones that get the job done. The 207 considered a basic phone while the 208 with only slight improvements gets the feature phone moniker. So what’s the difference? The 207 and 208 are indeed very similar but the 208 sports a 1.3 mega pixel camera, while the 207 has no camera at all. Other differences include the 208’s dual SIM variation. Both devices use a 2.4 inch 240×320 LCD screen that offers up 166 pixels per inch. Internally both the 207 and 208 will provide its end users with a more than capable 1020 mAh battery that should offer up to 20 days of standby time. Try getting that out of your iPhone! Processing and graphics prowess were unfortunately left out of the press release, but should be of no real concern as it is surely more than capable of handling what the 207 and 208 are capable of. They do however both sport 64 MB of system memory and .256 GB of built in storage with expandable micro SD memory options capable of storing up to 32 GB. Both of the devices also use a Nokia Xpress Browser, support Twitter and Facebook with built in services, sport Bluetooth 3.0 with all sorts of profiles and use micro USB for syncing and charging. Both the 207 and 208 can also be used as portable modems via their USB ports. Nokia also states that the devices are “easy to clean and scratch proof” and are built for day to day living in extra hot and dusty climates. The Nokia 2207 and Nokia 208 will be the companies’ most affordable 3G devices and will only cost end users about €52 about $68 bucks. Also, the 207 and 208 will be offered in yellow, red, blue, white and black. Anyone interested?

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