Nokia Announces the 108 and 108 Dual SIM


Nokia introduces the 108 and 108 Dual SIM cell phones! If you haven’t heard recently Microsoft, the computer giant has recently bought out Nokia and their mobile business. The companies who have already been working together on Windows Phone devices have now become one. These new Nokia 108’s however, having mostly nothing to do with the merger, other than point out one reason why Microsoft would want to own Nokia. A long winded way to say, Nokia is introducing yet another set of entry level devices into the emerging markets. Nokia is well known for awesome hardware that serves its purpose and does not overcharge for those un-needed bells and whistles. The new Nokia 108’s look to be new entry level Lumia’s, but let’s take a look at what they have to offer.

The new, Lumia…Nokia 108 device positions itself as a new affordable ‘camera phone’. According to Nokia’s release information, the 108 is directed at people “purchasing their first-ever camera phone”. The 108 will come in two different flavors that only vary by SIM capacity. The 108 and the 108 Dual SIM. Both versions of the 108 will come with 3G data connectivity and cost an end user a mere $29 bucks. So, for that price what can we expect? The Nokia 108 sums up to a solid little device with few, but effective features. The 108 starts with a simple bar style design that places its numeric keypad and navigation keys directly under a 1.8 inch display. The build of the 108 measures in at 110.4 mm long, 47mm wide and about 13.5mm thick. Around back of the new 108 we find a VGA quality 0.3 mega pixel camera that offers up a 640×480 pixel resolution of its stills. Additionally the 108 is set to come with Nokia’s Slam sharing features, Bluetooth, expandable micro SD memory up to 32 GB, an MP3 player and a battery that is said to last up to 31 days in standby mode and up to 25 days for the 108 Dual SIM. The two variations of the Nokia 108 will become available starting in the fourth quarter of this year and will be offered up in blue, yellow, red, white and black.

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