Still No BlackBerry OS 6 on the Bold 9700 but the Bold 9650 Gets BB OS 6 Simulator

Image of BlackBerry OS 6 (BB OS 6) screensBlackBerry OS 6 still has not yet made an appearance on the popular Bold 9700 smart phone model but that isn’t stopping RIM from releasing a Bold 9650 simulator that runs the new operating system. Simulators are basically just emulators designed to match the performance and exact specifications of individual electronic devices for software development purposes. With a simulator for a particular smartphone, a developer can test how their software will perform on that device without actually owning one. The Bold 9650 getting a BB OS 6 simulator means that the phone will probably be receiving the much anticipated software update in the very near future.

Interestingly, the Bold 9700 has been promised the BB OS 6 update as well but actually has half the RAM of the 9650 model. Lack of RAM has been cited as the reason why the Storm series will not receive the software update and as time drags on, the likelihood of the Bold 9700 getting what has been promised since August seems to fade. The Bold 9780 model has recently come out and is meant to be a replacement for both the 9700 and the older but somewhat more capable 9650. Like the 9650, the 9780 has 512 MB of RAM which seems to be a requirement for BB OS 6 to run properly.

Besides just the Bold 9650 receiving a BB OS 6 enabled simulator, the BlackBerry Curve 3G 9330 has received one as well. Unlike AT&T’s model of the Curve 3G (the 9300), Verizon’s 9330 model packs 512 MB of RAM as well. What’s going on here RIM? Is 512 MB of RAM really the requirement for a BlackBerry to properly run the new operating system?

If you are still waiting for RIM and your carrier to release BB OS 6 for the 9700, let me know in the comments. It is taking far too long for this much needed software update to be released despite RIM’s claims. Is BB OS 6 ever going to come to the 9700? Even if it doesn’t, it would be nice for RIM to keep us informed of what is actually going on here. I can understand technical limitations but I cannot understand why a company would leave its dedicated users in the dark for so long.

Let me know what you think. Will the Bold 9650 get BB OS 6 while the 9700 is left out in the cold?

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