Rumors Say NFC iPhone Technology Will Revolutionize Computing

Apple is widely expected to incorporate near field communications (NFC) technology into the iPhone 5 which is due next sometime next year. The technology has been expected to incorporate mobile payment into the smartphone and allow Apple to use its iTunes store as a form of wireless payment at stores. Now the Cult of Mac has received a tip that claims Apple has far more ambitious plans for NFC in the future.

The maker of the best selling smartphone in the world—the iPhone 4—and the fourth largest cell phone manufacturer in the world, Apple Inc. reportedly wants to use NFC technology in future iPhone models to allow Apple’s computers to be able to act as terminals for information stored on iPhones. Users would essential sync their iPhones with their Macintosh computers and then be able to use other Macs as their own after quickly scanning their iPhone via NFC and temporarily transferring their user data to the Mac acting as a terminal. You would be able to login to your computer from anywhere as long as you have the proper iPhone and can find access to a Mac with the ability turned on. Talk about a mind-blower.

Apple already employs a leader in the field of NFC and has patents for applications of the technology.  The company also has patents for mobile authentication systems that scan user’s voices and biometrics. That technology, if implemented, would remove the need for iPhone users to enter a PIN to use their devices.  The iPhone would know who was holding it and automatically log into their user profile on the phone.

Cloud technologies and streaming data is also in Apple’s plans for the future. The company is building a massive server center and is starting its own app store for Macintosh PCs. Streaming iTunes content and cloud accessible media libraries are on the horizon.

Steve Jobs overly ambitious here? Can Apple pull all of this off? The NFC uses for as a ‘mobile wallet’ are practically a given but your iPhone authenticating you when you pick it up and signing you into any nearby Mac as a user is certainly an innovative application of the technology. Don’t plan on the iPhone 5 doing all of this, but the iPhone 6…that is a different matter. Either way, everyone ready for NFC to start making things easier?

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