More Pictures of the Nexus S Emerge

The Nexus S will be Google’s second attempt at making a smartphone. The first, built by HTC while not a failure, was certainly not a success mostly because it was Google’s first foray into smartphone development. The Nexus One brought us Android and the Nexus S (which Samsung is building this time) will bring near field communication (NFC) to Google’s Android platform along with the necessary software update to Android 2.3 ‘Gingerbread’ to support the technology that is expected to replace credit cards eventually.

The Nexus S has already been spotted on video in the hands of Eric Schmidt—Google’s CEO—recently at the Web 2.0 Summit. T-Mobile has already been semi-confirmed as a carrier, along with Best Buy as a retailer. Google’s problem with the Nexus One wasn’t that it was a bad smartphone. The problem was that Google only sold it online and only smartphone geeks were anticipating its arrival.

The smartphone is expected to have a 4” screen featuring AMOLED technology. Front and rear cameras will of course be inside so you can video call—a feature that many higher-end smartphones on the Android platform are shipping with now. Interestingly enough, that GT-i9020 codename keeps pointing to the Nexus S. Both names more than likely refer to the same phone.

The next Nexus also has been confirmed to have a SIM card slot. Whether or not the device turns up in a later world phone (GSM and CDMA radios) or CDMA-only model configuration remains to be seen. Don’t hold your breath though. With T-Mobile as the first carrier (it carried the Nexus One and its logo has been spotted on the Nexus S), will the new phone sell that well? The myTouch 4G is a pretty sweet phone and while T-Mobile has the “largest 4G network in the US,” it isn’t exactly the most popular network.

Will the Nexus S be your next phone? Can Samsung do a better job than HTC with the Nexus brand? Excited about the NFC technology that the phone will usher in via Android Gingerbread and its integrated NFC chipset? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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