Nexus One on the Chopping block

Google has announced that they will be taking the last shipment of their Nexus One, the Android device that started it all. If you were considering the Nexus One to be your next smart phone, or you wanted to add it to your arsenal of high powered mobile devices, well you better act fast as they will soon be gone for-ever.

Google announced that they will be taking the last shipment of the Nexus One from HTC, but have left the European and Korean markets open. Google stated “Nexus One will continue to be sold by partners including Vodafone in Europe, KT in Korea” going onto leaving the window open as well stating “and possibly others based on local market conditions.”  Earlier in the year Google closed the Nexus One web store and are further confirming the death of the device with the news of the last shipments from HTC. The Nexus One was the device that essentially started the high powered mobile device wars and was a monster of a phone once it released. The “plan” initially was to let the Nexus One make its way to every major carrier in the country, the Nexus took its strides and made it to T-Mobile and At&t customers, while Sprint and Verizon opted out of the Nexus One to move on to bigger and better things with the likes of EVO’s and Incredible’s. Currently the Nexus One is the only device on the market that officially runs Androids newest OS Froyo, and Google will still be offering up support for current owners. But once the stock they are about to receive the Nexus One will no longer be available online. Google also stated that to ensure the future of the Android market place it will be offering registered developers the Nexus one through one of their partners. If you are a developer you can log into your account to purchase one of the Nexus One devices, the idea behind this is that the Nexus One will always have the latest version of Android OS for developers to test their apps with.

So the sad times are upon us, as one of the legends in this Android world will be with us no longer. The Nexus One was first announced back in January, and will officially be gone from the market, just as soon as Google sells the rest of their stock. It is hard to say how many more are left, but once they are gone they are gone for good. So if you had plans on picking one of these bad boys up don’t wait any longer cause you never know when stock will turn to zero.

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