Nexus One sees Froyo update

After the news about the Nexus One being axed out of consumer existence broke there has not been much attention surrounding the Nexus One Google phone (other than its pure awesomeness day to day). The Nexus One if you remember was essentially axed to any “outsiders” meaning if you were not a registered developer you would not be able to pick one of these amazing devices up. However, even if you were a developer the price was steep –at least for my pockets – but nonetheless they sold out what seemed like overnight. Today however proves Google’s plan for the Nexus One. It seems like Google may have some leakage, as a new build for Froyo has been found it’s called FRG33.

With rumors of Gingerbread and Honeycomb already mystifying the airwaves, it may look like Google is not officially done with Froyo, as they very well shouldn’t be as the OS is now found on various different devices. However, when taking a look at the new ROM, it seems that there are no “huge” and or really cool updates, -nothing like Flash 10.1 or Google Voice Widgets – which will essentially mean that this update is most likely a tweak of the original build. The new build brings an update to the devices radio, and not much else, however, the few lucky users that are using the new build feel as if it may be a little faster. With the lack of new Google apps and “blow you away” features, this update is seems to be a simple update for performance optimization within Froyo. Or could it be that Google is getting Froyo users prepared for the honeycomb hideout?

You tell me, oh and if you’re a Nexus One user and your feeling frisky, jump over to the XDA forums and get your upgrade on!

(Pic: androidcentral)

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