Nexus One Froyo user’s: Security updates available

Recently in the news Google launched the source codes for its new Froyo OS. Soon after the codes were issued to Googles cohorts, Google took it upon themselves to issue the Froyo update to their baby the Nexus One first.

Just a couple days ago on 6/29 the first official release of Froyo to the Nexus One was slowly trickling out into the palms of some Nexus users. The update seemed to have gone over smoothly. However, we are seeing an additional Froyo OTA update labeled FRF91being pushed to the Nexus One users. The update is installed directly from the phone it is about 2MB and carries only a title of “security fixes”.  While exactly what this update is, well updating is unknown at this point and more details from end users will most likely be trickling in sometime soon. The authenticity of the update has been confirmed as direct links to the file have been located. Not everyone is seeing these updates at this point however; one can only assume it will take a few days for the OTA notification to reach all Nexus One devices just as the file for the actual Froyo did.

So let us know if you have gotten bit by the FRF91 update, if you see any changes shoot us an email.

Have you downloaded Froyo onto your Nexus One yet?

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