Nexus One owners Rejoice with Official Froyo

It was reported last week that there were some lucky Nexus One users that have been seeing Froyo updates to their phones. While not all Nexus One users received the update it was unsure as to the “plan” for the over the air updates.

Google as of today officially launched their newest Android update. The update from 2.1 to 2.2 is also known as Froyo.  Carriers and others that are “in the know”, were issued source codes for the Android update early last week and will begin to implement them to the phones of their choice soon. However Google, the maker owner plus sole controller of this Android thing have issued the Froyo update to all Nexus One users as of today. There was information flying around the internet this morning of the Froyo update showing up on At&t branded Nexus’s. The update seemingly then made its way to some T-Mobile customers and then well the ball was on its way to the bottom of the Nexus hill.  Shortly after that the launch of Android 2.2 or Froyo went official for the Nexus One. Google posted on their blog that the launch of Froyo for their Nexus has been made official and will be trickling out to all Nexus One users as the week goes on. Be informed that Google’s stated essentially that most users will receive the notification by the end of the week.

So are you a Nexus One user without a Froyo update? No worries, the update is an OTA update, over the air, meaning Google will essentially send you a message. You will see a received message on your phone’s notification bar, this is the update. Simply click the update and continue with the download process

Have you downloaded Froyo to your Nexus One yet?

Tell us what you think of Froyo’s new capabilities,

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