The Nexus 8 smiles for the cameras!

Nexus_8 The Nexus 8 smiles for the cameras! The Nexus line up of smart phones and tablets have been some of the best vanilla Android devices in all of the land. From the most recent Nexus 5 to the excellence that is the Nexus 7 these tabs and smart phones have no problem keeping up with the Jones’s. The next generation Nexus tablet however is rumored to be getting about an inch larger and will of course come correct with Android running the show and a handful of new features in tow. New pictures and some leaky details surrounding what is being called the Nexus 8 have surfaced again! Let’s take a look shall we?

Way back in February juicy details surrounding the next generation Android version 4.5 and the forth coming Nexus 8 tablet surfaced into the headlines. While details on the operating system and its launch hardware Nexus_8_1were few and far between, Google’s I/O event is scheduled for June 25th and it looks as if the cat is having a hard time staying in the bag. New pictures and details surrounding the Nexus 8 are here! Thanks to pictures and a handful of specs are now known about the new device. According to the source the Nexus 8 will come running with the likes of Android version 4.5 and will pack in 3GB of RAM and will get its go from a 64 bit processor. The specifics on the processing units put the manufacturer in QUALCOMM’s hands and not Intel’s. These details suggest the companies 64 Bit Snapdragon 410 processor will be ready in just the nick of time. Additionally the entire 64 bit processing details could simply be a wild estimation drawn up in the imagination of a super fan! So only time will tell. The pictures you see here are of an encased Nexus 8 that is designed to ensure the actual build is not revealed until Google’s ready.

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