Stay Productive, Charged and Safe with our many Nexus 7 Accessories

Your new Google Nexus 7 is quite possibly the very best small sized tablet to have ever been launched. It sports a perfect 7 inch touch screen with a 1280×800 pixel resolution, an all day built in battery and a highly capable 1.2 GHz quad core processor. Its build credentials go to a trusted name in manufacturing Asus and provide an amazing connection to the very best of Android. While the Nexus 7 may be picture perfect and the tablet of a lifetime, it is not indestructible and cannot charge itself! You may find yourself in need of some Google Nexus 7 accessories, and luckily for you we carry the very best.

The Nexus 7 is a tablet and let’s face it, we all use our tablets a little bit differently than our smart phone counter parts. The Nexus 7 has a very intuitive keyboard; however an on screen keypad is not nearly as effective for long winded typing as say this Nexus 7 Freedom Expression Keyboard for Android. Available in white and black models these keyboards are amazing. They are super thin measuring in at a mere 5 mm and offer up amazing connectivity with Bluetooth HID profiles, a full 6 row 80 key keyboard, quick keys that allow cut, copy and paste as well as a long lasting battery that will run for around 200 hours on a single charge. A mobile keyboard like this paired up to your new Google Nexus 7 is an unstoppable force to reckon with!

With a fully functional keyboard to listen to your every command, you may have a hard time finding a place for your Nexus 7. What good is a keyboard if your screen is not visible whilst typing right? Well have no fear; we have a few Nexus 7 accessories that just may help. Take this Google Nexus 7 Sync and Charge cradle for example. This excellent docking station will not only prop your Nexus 7 up in perfect view, but I can also sync your new tablet with your PC as well as charge it. But if you’re more of a mobile worker who likes to get things done while on the move, a perfect case with stand options maybe exactly what you need. This excellent Google Nexus 7 Desk Stand Case in black is an awesome fit. Its book style design offers an ideal combination of protection and function. Its inner micro suede liner will keep the outer panels of your Nexus 7 safe, while its ultra durable outer layers provide the overall protection you need. But when it’s time to get busy, you simply fold back the outer cover underneath the back of your Nexus 7 and you are now looking at a perfectly mounted Nexus 7!

The more you use your Nexus 7 the more you’ll find out that proper power, when you need it is paramount to functionality. That is the exact reason why we carry a wide selection of the very best Nexus 7 chargers for any situation. Are you near a standard power outlet? Perfect, simply plug in this Google Nexus 7 4 port 2.1 AMP USB based wall charger connect your Nexus 7 to it via a micro USB cable and your charging! Off on a long trip in the car? No problem, this easy to use Google Nexus 7 1 AMP car charger can handle your charging woes. Are you out in the middle of nowhere with not a power supply in sight? Don’t fret; we have what you need in this Google Nexus 7 Scosche goBAT II. The goBAT II is an amazing battery pack that uses a 5000 mAh battery cell in a sleek and small package that could be taken anywhere. With two USB outputs you can actually charge multiple devices and never worry about running out of juice again!

So your new Nexus 7 is now charged, protected and productive. For more awesome Google Nexus 7 accessories check here.

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