Will the Nexus 6 Be a Motorola made Shamu Sized Phablet?

Nexus_logoWill the next Nexus be an oversized phablet for the masses? The Google Nexus project, if you are unfamiliar is a set of hardware used for the development of applications and new technologies on the company’s infamous Android operating system. Since its inception however the devices have been gaining traction as an everyday handset for general consumers. In the past Google has used the services from companies like HTC, Samsung and LG to produce their Nexus handhelds. As the Nexus 5 is slowly coming up on its refresh time the question as to whom will be manufacturing the Nexus 6 and what it will offer is finding its way into the headlines. What is being said about it may not please you however!

The Nexus 5 was made by LG and was launched back in October of 2013. As the anniversary of that date approaches the rumors surrounding the next generation Nexus heat up. Speculation surrounding the Nexus 6 pointed to an LG made device that woule be loosely based around the companies G3 flagship. Apparently some public comments from a handful of executives makes that sound like it’s not happening. Luckily however a new rumor surrounding a Motorola made Nexus 6 has surfaced into the headlines. The information suggests the device is currently under developments under the code name Shamu. This is fitting as the additional piece of information suggests the device will measures in at a rather large 5.9 inches. Further solidifying the code name is an “Android bug report” that uses the code name in its logs. Additionally the sea creature code name fits with previous Nexus devices. The details go on to state the device will not only come with a huge 5.9 inch screen, but will also sport a fingerprint scanner and is being developed with plans for a launch in November.  Unfortunately further specifics on the device are still unknown and only time will tell what Shamu is all about.

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