Nexus 5’s with Color and Nexus 8’s?



The Nexus 5 offered up in colors while an 8” Asus made Nexus tablet is getting ready for launch? Google and its Nexus program have sure come a long way. As you may know, Nexus devices are smart phones and tablets that run Google’s Android operating system as it was meant to be. Googles Nexus program is essentially hardware that can be used for testing and developing Android applications. The program however has spread. The hardware has become synonymous with affordability and Android excellence. Today new details surrounding the Nexus 5 give the device new color while other rumors give the next generation Nexus tablet a 1 inch upgrade and spots Intel inside.

The LG made Nexus 5 was launched back in October of 2013. The device while not the most luxurious in terms of hardware simply gets the job done. Upon its launch into the real world the Nexus 5 was offered up in white and black shades of light. Today a fishy rumor gives color to the otherwise bland Nexus. PhoneArenea.Com has gotten their hands on a screen shot and even a short video that show the Nexus 5 up for order in color at in the Google Play store. The information suggests the LG made Nexus 5 will be offered up in red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. While it would seem like a logical move on LG and Googles behalf to offer this rather boring device in some color, something about the leak doesn’t seem right. A grain of salt people!

Other news on the Nexus front is pointing to a new Nexus 8 tablet! If you haven’t been paying attention, the first and second generation Nexus 7 tablets were manufactured by Asus. This new set of information suggests the third generation midsized Nexus tablet will also be made by Asus except this time; it’ll be an inch bigger. The Digitimes has gotten word from their sources within the supply chain that the Nexus 8 is being made by Asus and will see a launch in 2014. Additionally the information goes on to suggest the Nexus 8 will be using an Intel made Bay Trail-T chip set. While the decision is apparently still up in the air, this would be the first Nexus device to be powered by Intel. Intels chips however in the mobile world have been limited to emerging markets and smaller lesser known manufacturers.

No one knows for certain what the future of the Nexus tablet looks like or if colored Nexus 5’s will become a reality, but they all sound like welcome additions! What do you think? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know what you think. Also remember we carry all the very best in Nexus accessories here.

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