New iPhone 4 Antenna Rumors

The iPhone 4 might be getting an antenna design the end of this September. An executive at Mexican cellular carrier Telcel has claimed that after September 30th, the iPhone 4 will be sold with a new antenna design. This is quite an interesting claim for a number of reasons.

September 30th is when Apple stops giving away the free cases for the iPhone 4. Apple’s latest iPhone has been in the media for its “Antennagate” problem where depending on where the smartphone is held, signal strength visibly drops. A software update already came out that helps somewhat by more accurately displaying current signal strength to the user. Between the free cases and updated operating system, Apple has not seen any real drop in the number of people wanting its new phone. However, an antenna design has been expected for the next iPhone model. The current model getting one would be unusual to say the least.

Besides just the importance of the September 30th date, the white model of the iPhone 4 has been postponed and postponed. Could the white iPhone 4 being delayed mean that it too is getting this claimed antenna redesign too? That certainly would be a good thing.

However, why would a carrier executive–in this case Marco Quatorze, director of Telcel’s Value Added Services–come out and say something like this? Certainly he was not authorized to do so by Apple. Him and his company are also going to look like fools if this turns out to be untrue. Let’s hope that it is true.

I know you’ve got an opinion, hope, wish, or gripe on Antennagate, let me know in the comments.

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