New HTC Lineup Coming Soon

As if news of Google giving away free units of their much awaited HTC EVO 4G during their Google I/O sessions, there are now reports of additional smartphone devices coming to HTC. Three possible names of new HTC smartphone devices include the HTC Glacier, HTC Vision and HTC LED. There are reports that the Vision will be most likely available under T-Mobile carrier.

For a while, the HTC brand name has long been associated with producing smartphones that do not have a QWERTY keyboard. This includes the HTC Droid Incredible, deemed one of the best smartphones currently on the market, and the much anticipated HTC EVO 4G among others. Although the company has been successful in producing great models without QWERTY keypads, there are still a percentage of consumers who prefer the touch and feel of a physical keyboard, much like traditional mobile devices.

At least one of these three future devices under HTC will be featuring a physical keypad. The HTC Vision is said to be the one most likely to play that part, having features comparable to the HTC Desire, with the exception of the keyboard. This speculation is based on leaked reports of the upcoming smartphone’s user agent profile.

If the speculations are true, the HTC Vision is expected to sport at least a 1 Ghz, processor (possibly a Snapdragon), 3.7 inch touch sensitive screen that is AMOLED capacitive as well as the renowned HTC Sense User interface. It may be running on Android 2.1 but some reports still argue whether the upcoming devices will be powered by Android at all. The name HTC Vision is still expected to change over the next few months with the release of further developments.

Hopefully, the upcoming smartphone device will be running on at least an Android 2.2, if in case it does follow the Android trend.

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