New HTC Android QWERTY Slider headed to Verizon

Wash rinse and repeat. The pictures of this new HTC device slated for Verizons network instantly remind me of the “Droid” movement. When the original Droid via Motorola released is was not shortly after when HTC had their chance to shine on Big Red with the Droid Incredible. Fast forward a year or so, and we get the Droid 2, accompanied with the Droid X and shortly after, we get this ADR6325 a new HTC device to be hitting the shelves of Verizon sometime soon.

Pictures of the new device have turned up on BGR.Com from a good old fashioned tipster, thank you sir whoever you are as you have added some much needed eye candy for the interwebs to ponder for the next few months. The new Verizon branded device pictured here, carries a model number of ADR6325. This ultra sexy and sleek full QWERTY HTC device is surely going to be a winner. Just looking at this device, it could have a hamster inside powering its apps and I would be sold. Ok not that simply, but let’s look at what’s known of the new ADR6325. BGR is reporting that the pictured device is running Android OS 2.2, and is ready to be the next poster phone for Big Red. The ADR6325 carries a 5 MP camera, a micro-SD slot, and a SIM card with “global roaming capabilities” and unfortunately that’s as far as the information brings us. However, looking through the picture gallery over at BGR it seems that the device is lacking a front facing camera and is Binged out, just like most other Androids devices that have recently been launched.

The QWERTY Incredible is what I’m calling it. What’s your take on the new slider from HTC and Verizon?

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