A New Color Option Spotted for the One M8?

HTC_ONE_M8_BlackThe HTC One M8 set to be offered up in more colors? The One M8 is currently in at least the top three contenders for best current smart phone. The devices premium build and rather impressive spec sheet has it in the hands of many. But what could possibly help sell more One M8’s? How could you possibly improve on such an amazing design and device? Why, variants of course! What better way to spread the M8 love then to make more color options and flavors with special features and slight tweaks!

The One M8 was announced back in March of this year and subsequently launched across major markets. Since then we’ve seen the standard variants such as the One Mini 2, the big red bound One Remix and even a super premium version of the device leaked as the One M8 Prime. More recently however Sprint launched a Harman Kardon version of the One M8 that boasts a premium sound system that included a special pair of earbuds. This version of the M8 ships with a black body and a gold-ish or champagne colored front. Yesterday a new leak from the infamous @EVleaks is showing off a similarly colored M8 but without the Harman and Kardon branding. While this may simply prove to be the same Sprint bound device with the branding removed or before it launched, we like to believe it is a new color option that will be making its way to other carriers around the globe. While we cannot see the front of the device to confirm its champagne color it may be safe to assume it based on the small ring around the camera opening. Unfortunately however this picture simply is raising more questions than it is answering, but one thing is for certain we should likely expect the same excellence that is provided by any other One M8.

Anyone interested in a Black and gold One M8 without the thirty dollar premium from the fancy Harman and Kardon version? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think and remember all the very best in HTC accessories are here.

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