New Blackberry Devices Headed to Bell

Big news in the world of Blackberries…okay, well maybe not that big. In the past few months RIM the maker of Blackberry has come under some pretty heavy scrutinizing fire due to the lack of up to par handhelds, internal drama and even the semi lacking Playbook tablet. However amongst this hatin’ were leaks of some pretty interesting new Blackberry devices. Recently more details on these new devices have leaked out of Canada and show to be headed to Bell in the next few months, eh! Four new handhelds from RIM have surfaced again, and guess what? All the screens except one are touchable.

TechFIBE recently got their hands on what appears to be a small window into Bell’s Q3 Blackberry releases. The back to school season will be pumping with new Canadian Blackberry options, 4 of them actually. A new Blackberry Torch 9810 is on the list of goodness, along with the already exposed Blackberry Bold 9900, the Monaco aka; the Storm 3 will be making an appearance along with a new Blackberry Curve 9360.  

The Blackberry Torch 2 or 9810 will is expected to launch on Bell around late august and brings the expected Torch design with a its full QWERTY keypad and a 3.2 inch sliding screen. The new Torch is capable of handling an HSPA connection and can supposedly pull 14.4Mbps. RIM’s new 9810 has Wi-Fi capabilities as well as a single core 1.2 GHz processor.

The new Blackberry Bold 9900 is the most exposed of the bunch and most likely the best. I’m not sure why, just kinda feels that way. Either way the Blackberry Bold or Bold Touch as its being called comes fully equipped with the same HSPA compatibility and a combination of a 2.8 inch touch screen and legendary Blackberry QWERTY. The innards run Blackberry OS version 7 with a single core 1.2 GHz processor. If this is news to you click here.  

Up next is the all touch screen Monaco, or Storm 3, but for now we’ll just call it the Blackberry Torch 9860, because that’s what the leaky picture above is calling it. Surely it will have a wittier name then that come launch.  This new Torch 9860 will arrive to Bell late August and uses a 3.7 inch full panel touch screen that will give you an 800×480 pixel resolution. Under this touchy screen sits a single core 1.2 GHz processor that will keep Blackberry OS version 7 running smooth.

Last in the bunch, but possibly the one that ever BBM feint will be carrying the new Curve 9360. The Curve comes from a long history of greatness, and it seems to be continuing along that path. The 9630 sports the same HSPA compatibility as the rest of the bunch. But no touch screen, which is a shame. However the full QWERTY you have come to expect from RIM is in full force.  This new Curve is set to launch in September and come equipped with an 800 MHz processor, a 2.4 inch 480×360 screen and is powered by Blackberry OS version 7.  

So there you have it folks a new line of Blackberries are set to take the world by storm, maybe. It has been awhile since Blackberry has launched some new mobile phones and unfortunately for RIM these new devices most likely fall just under expectancy. No word on availability in the states, however these hot new berries will most likely show up around the same time as their northern launch. This of course assuming any American carrier wants them. So tell us what you think of the new upcoming Blackberries. Will one of these new Blackberries become your new device?

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