New Apple TV Runs iOS

Apple’s soon to launch new Apple TV has been confirmed to be running iOS. Thanks to an ingenious developer who tipped off TUAW, we now have an idea of what is powering this newest device in Apple’s increasingly more powerful lineup. A little iOS jailbreaking anyone?

The new Apple TV might not have much in terms of onboard storage capacity since Apple is planning to use it to only stream content from iTunes. As far as is known from the Apple TV preview during its launch event, it also does not have the iOS Springboard application. That’s the app that provides the standard iOS user interface. However, the Apple TV is going to need something to store its operating system on, and with all of the networked storage options available to the resourceful, we will probably see someone jailbreaking the newest member of the iOS family in the near future.

The Apple TV will start shipping at the end of September for a mere $99. The low price and the jailbreaking potential make it more attractive? How exactly iOS apps would work via the Apple TV remains to be seen. Connectivity between an iPod touch or iPhone with the Apple TV is possible, since Apple has an app for the devices that allows them to work as a remote. Perhaps some ingenious jailbreakers will create iOS apps that work in a similar fashion and allow your iPod touch or iPhone control apps on the Apple TV.

While we all wait for the new Apple TV to roll out, let me know what you think of the iOS confirmation. This get you excited to get one? Will you buy one if a jailbreak is impossible or unfeasible? How about only streaming content on it?


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