The New myTouch from T-Mobile

T-Mobile has just announced its newest myTouch model and its sure looks beautiful. Don’t worry, the specs match the looks. It will be available in time for the holidays and even can do 4G and video calling. Without delay, here are the official specs of the new myTouch:

  • 1 GHz Snapdragon processor
  • Android 2.2
  • 3.8” WVGA screen
  • 5 MP rear facing camera with HD video recording
  • Front facing camera for video calling
  • HSPA+ cellular data abilities (what T-Mobile calls 4G)
  • Swype input on the touchscreen
  • microSD support with pre-installed 8 GB card
  • White, black, plum and red will be the four colors offered

While the really juicy specs like the RAM and onboard storage capacity haven’t been announced yet, expect them to leak out pretty quickly now that T-Mobile is promoting its newest member of its myTouch family. Like previous models, HTC is building the new myTouch for T-Mobile. T-Mobile also says that it plans to have 200 million Americans covered by its HSPA+ network by the end of this year, so prepare for some improved surfing speeds. According to its official press release, T-Mobile even looks to be planning on letting its customers do video calling on its regular cellular network and not just on Wi-Fi like AT&T offers. Excited about this new device? I am.

The video calling abilities in the new smartphone will be handled by Yahoo! Messenger or QIK, depending on your preference. Where is your FaceTime to PC support Apple? When even T-Mobile is onboard, you know you might need to reformulate your game plan.

Are you excited about the new myTouch? Planning on getting one? Have the G2 or another Android OS powered smartphone in mind? It is good to see T-Mobile reaching out to its customers through decently spec’d hardware. Now if it can only improve its network and customer service…

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