My Touch HD to be available November 3rd?

In this wide world of smartphones, the next best thing is always on its way.  But in the past few weeks there has been some news surrounding some pretty amazing smart phones coming out of T-mobiles dungeons. Well really HTC but you know what I mean. The T-Mobile G2 which has recently been exposed was amongst other devices that were leaked in recent news. The highly anticipated T-Mobile device everyone is interested in would be the myTouch HD and the rumor mill surrounding the myTouch HD, well its churning again.

The myTouch HD was rumored to be the G2 and vice versa, so now that the G2 has been all but launched its time to talk about the myTouch HD again. TmoNews has reported that the myTouch HD should be available almost exactly two months from now on November 3rd. If the G2 is not all you were expecting then maybe, just maybe the myTouch HD will be just that. While there’s not much to confirm here, like pricing etc the source the info comes from has seemingly been right in the past.

Surely we could expect the myTouch HD to be utilizing the HSPA+ network that T-Mobile has been boasting. This would make perfect sense as the G2 once launched would be the only HSPA+ device within Tmo’s line up. But if you’re a QWERTY loving user who is trying to decide between this myTouch HD and the G2, keep in mind it doesn’t look like there will be a QWERTY on this model.

Does the myTouch HD intrigue your HSPA+ senses?

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