myTouch 3G HD gets spied again

Earlier this week T-Mobile launched a teaser web site taunting the general public and T-Mobile customers alike. The teaser site showed simply a silhouette of a cool looking device that was claimed to be T-Mobiles first HSPA+ phone. Shortly after this the rumors and leaks began to fly and it has not stopped.

Shortly after the launch of the teaser site, some that could not take it for what was worth, popped open the sites source and narrowed down the model to a “Blaze” or a “Vanguard”. Unfortunately we still do not have a name for this HSPA+ unit that will soon hit the world, but another pictured of the devices rear has surfaced onto the internet. The unit is presumed at this point to be a part of the ‘myTouch’ line that T-Mobile has been pushing for quite some time. The units front side that was exposed yesterday pictured below, shows that the unit has a ‘myTouch’ quick key, as well as a few other keys and what seems to be an optical track pad (think Blackberry 9650).  The new picture of the back side of this unit does not really expose any information recently unknown, as a camera on the back of such a phone is a standard, however the backside does confirm what seems to be a flash for the camera and surely solidifies the myTouch moniker with the branding toward the bottom of the phone.

So all in all looks like we have another saga on our hands and if this myTouch HD is all that it should be then I think T-Mobile has a hit on their hands. It’s about time T-Mobile tossed up an upgrade to the myTouch line, and it looks like this myTouch will be aiming at the super user crowd.

Let’s wait and see what comes up,

But in the mean time tell us what you think about this new T-Mobile phone, reason for upgrade?

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