Mystery Device shows up on US primetime, but what is it?

The video below is an advertisement that reportedly aired on prime time television recently (sorry I dont watch TV); however, no one knows what it is, who it’s from or why it’s here. Let the hype commence. The video shows to put the device in a sound treated room and circles around the mystery device showing off some of its features and a cool looking shape.

During the video it shows the device to sport a simple lower case M on the backside of the device. The video goes on to reveal –in order –  that the unit has an 8MP camera, wireless charging, a 3.5mm audio jack, mini usb, dual pico projectors, 45 lumens at 960×600, an embedded Bluetooth dongle that is removable from the unit, pan and zoom in 3D space. Pan and Zoom in 3D space sold me, if what I think is what they are talking about. Who is they you ask? Well no one’s really sure, as the only branding to be found is the lower case M. The Youtube account it was uploaded to was created yesterday, and is under the name fallonNYC. The title of the video is Live Mobile and the sure to be slogan of the mystery company is shown within the video, “Work Mobile, Play Mobile, Live Mobile. See Mobile”. Within the description of the video you will see the same slogan, but ending in “On Thursday”. So guess we will have to wait until then. Whomever is pumping this device out is surely hitting a chord with their little viral. But the consensus on the device is that the M is a revolution in mobile projection and not a smartphone.

Looking forward to Thursday? I surely am. But I hope its more than a projector, I can hope right! Tell us what you think it is.

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