Music Beta by Google Becomes Official

While it comes as no major surprise to anyone following the legend, it is good to finally hear that Google’s cloud based music service is underway. The idea here is something that has been available in many different forms and flavors for awhile. But knowing that Google has taken to provide their own cloud based music locker in the sky is reassuring in many ways. Google has announced their Music service under a Beta tag today at their I/O conference in San Francisco. While this service is very similar to Amazon’s recently launched Cloud Drive, I always feel a bit more confident in Google’s way of handling services for the consumer and seamless integration with our Android devices is always.

Currently you can download the new Music application within the Android market. It is compatible with devices running version 2.2 or higher. The application as it stands does not do much more then play the music from your devices SD card, however when Music goes live this will be the epicenter of all your tunes. If you remember the humble beginnings of Gmail and its notorious invites only, then you should not be surprised about how Google’s Music service will be. Take a brief moment from reading this and head over to and request your invite. The service will initially offer up to 20,000 songs to be saved to the puffy cloud for free. This however comes with an “at least while it’s in beta” disclaimer and will most likely charge for larger space in the sky moving forward. While I assume there will always be a free service it seems that 20k worth of material may be over that, so go request your invite now! Additional details of Google’s Music come with an ‘offline’ mode that allows you to access your most recently played music or ‘pinned for offline play’ when your lacking an internet connection. Playlists as common as they are also included into this service where as the service will create an “Instant Mix” that will build you a playlist off of any single song collected, think iTunes Genius, just not as cocky. Also Google’s Music service can handle all of this without any physical cables or in the way wires – hear that Apple? Check out Google introduction to Music Beta.

I’m ecstatic for the potential possibilities of this new service and can’t wait to get my invite. It will be interesting to see this beta turn stable and see the development within applications and games. I’m also interested to see the pricing tiers and levels of storage that will surely become available soon. Your move Apple. Let us know what you think of Google’s new Music service and if you have requested your invite. Would be interesting to see how many requests were sent. Oh and be sure to let us know if your invite request gets a reply.

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