Forget Music, Apple’s App Store is Growing Extremely Quickly

Apple’s iTunes App Store is experiencing a tremendous amount of growth. In fact, according to Amysco—a mobile app development company—it is projected to overtake Apple’s music downloads. Not just music downloads this year, but total music downloads since iTunes began. Of course, you have to realize that many iOS apps are free. However, even free apps are potential advertisement revenue that Apple is looking to exploit now with its iAd service.

Apple just announced new app guidelines that should make some happy but upset others. Adobe’s Flash format is now allowed to run on iOS as long as it is compiled before it is installed as an app and it cannot download code from the internet. At the same time though, Apple is looking to cut down on the number of junk apps around. Expect less approvals for apps that do the same thing as a bunch of other apps, and apps with poor user interfaces to not make the cut.

The new restrictions require apps to look more polished over all. Apple CEO Steve Jobs already has made some snide comments towards Google and its products being ‘amateurish’ in respect to the content that was being generated for them. Google and Apple are currently sparring in the search, apps, mobile OS, and advertisement markets. Expect to add music, operating systems, streaming video and more to the list in the near future.

The way Google’s Android OS smartphones have been selling lately, Apple wants to differentiate itself and iOS from Android OS. A lot of quality apps are now being ported to Android OS and Apple could lose some of its app store dominance to its new arch rival. So what does Apple do? It decides to make the point that its services are a bit more polished and its users a bit more picky. I don’t really think Google cares though, since what it wants is the younger generation that grew up Googling everything that it has needed to know.

Can Android’s app store catch up and does the BlackBerry’s App Store even have a chance anymore? Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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