Mystery Device Exposed – sort of – please Mozilla make the Seabird!

You may remember a few days back there was an awesomely looking mystery device that made its way to the interwebs via Youtube. We posted the video and ran a short write up about the mystery devices potential and mainly to see if our readers could help us figure out what it was or who made it. Skeebo you called it. Mozilla has dropped a concept video of a device there labs dreamed up. Only if it were not a dream.

The mystery device now has a name and a company behind it. The mystery device is no longer a mystery with a name The SeaBird, and a company Mozilla. Mozilla who is better known for their excellent FireFox web browser has taken a stab at what an Open Web device could (should) look like. The initial video showed off some of the simpler features of the concept. The Seabird would sport an 8MP camera, be charged wirelessly, carry a 3.5 MM headphone jack, mini USB input, dual pico projectors at 45 lumens at 960×600, an embedded Bluetooth dongle and pan and zoom in 3D space. All of this before a hint at full detail, and surely when seeing this in action makes it a cell phone fanatics wet dream, ok maybe my dream.

Check out the new video posted by Billy May who also designed the concept. Mozilla confirms the Seabird design is indeed a concept that was thought up by its community and has no plans on further developing the device. This makes me sad, literally. Just look at the video, can your Android, iPhone or any other gadget you have do all of that? No, it can’t.

So here’s to the future Mozilla, cheers. While it is still a while off,  I look forward to the possibility of this device hitting the world! Tell us what you think of the Seabird, and lets all send emails to and tell’em we want one! Shout out to Billy May for the amazing concept, and Mozilla for giving its community the opportunity to make the future fit in the palm of your hand.

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