Mozilla Improving FireFox Home for iOS, Working on a BlackBerry Version too

Fans the Mozilla’s FireFox web browser can rejoice. No, Mozilla isn’t making a mobile browser for smartphones. However, it is bringing more functionality to its FireFox Home app for iOS and has both BlackBerry and Symbian versions in the works.

First, let’s take a look at what FireFox Home actually is. It is a mobile helper for those who regularly use FireFox on their regular PC for web browsing. Switching between the PC and your smartphone when trying to research something can be very frustrating. What do you do? Manually email all of the links back and forth between the two devices? That takes a lot of work.

The way FireFox Home improves your work flow and makes switching between PC and smartphone easier is by storing all of your FireFox data in the cloud. All of your bookmarks, favorites and browsing history is instantly transferred from your PC to your smartphone via the FireFox Home app and vice versa. While FireFox Home is not an actual web browser and relies on your smartphone’s browser, it does work quite well. Even the open tabs on FireFox on your PC can be accessed while on the go.

The iOS version of FireFox Home is being updated to included support for YouTube videos, maps and integrate better with Safari Mobile.

BlackBerry owners should be getting their hands on the app themselves soon. Expect the iOS version updates to be in the first BlackBerry version. Oh, and expect integration with social networks as well. I am not quite sure how that will work out, but Mozilla is working on something so…

Do you use Mozilla FireFox as your standard web browser on your PC? Wish a full version was coming to your mobile platform? Interested in FireFox Home? Already use it yet? Let me know. I used to be a big FireFox user but switched to Google Chrome nearly a year ago and haven’t looked back. FireFox Home just might get me to switch though…

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