Motorola’s Moto X Now Comes in Bamboo!

Bamboo_Moto_XMotorola opens the wood Moto X customization option! When Motorola unveiled the Moto X everyone paying attention clapped! When the company announced you’d the handset would be assembled in America, the crowd clapped a little louder. But when Motorola stated the device would be customizable with a slew of color options and materials via an awesome website the crowd stood up for a standing ovation! The Moto X is possibly one of the best smart phones of 2013 if not of all time and it just got a bit more au naturel.

The Motorola made Moto X was surrounded in quite a bit of hype once it began leaking out. It was to be the first device made by the legendary manufacturer under its new ownership Google. The handset did not disappoint. It came into this world running the latest in Android and was skinned ever so lightly. It can listen to your voice when it is off and show you important notifications without even unlocking the device. What really made the Moto X stand out however was its customization. The device is offered up in over 504 customizable color combinations over at Initially however Motorola announced wood would be one of these options and would become available in four different wooden flavors. Unfortunately however crafting a smart phone out of wood takes some practice and the option was not available at launch! Today, you can get a shiny new Moto X made of wood! The new custom option currently is only offered in bamboo and will cost you an additional $100 bucks. Unfortunately Motorola has only announced the bamboo option leaving us to hope the three other options including teak, rosewood and ebony are still on the way. Initially the additional costs of these premium materials was expected to cost an extra $50 bucks, but it looks as if the hurdle it takes to produce was a bit underestimated.

Anyone interested in a wooden clad Moto X? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think and remember, whether it’s metal, plastic or wood we have all the very best Motorola Moto X accessories here.

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