Motorola’s XT928 Finds its way to China Telecom, leaves the rest of the world hoping

The reentry of the RAZR in Droid form has brought a bit of nostalgia to the masses as well as some pretty interesting foreign bound variants. The difference between the Droid RAZR and these variations well…a tad bit more awesomeness. Shortly after the launch of the Droid RAZR the two variants showed face in a leaky rumor.  One of the two leaked devices was known as the XT928 and it seems that it has become official. Come December customers that use China Telecom can get on board with this greatness.

The XT928 sports the Droid X’esq build and packs in some serious specs. Forget the Galaxy Nexus, or any Galaxy for that matter. This XT928 is stacking up to prove to possibly the best Android handset Motorola has ever made. As a hole the handset is reminiscent of the Droid X and the Droid Bionic, as it is very thin toward the bottom and thickens up a bit toward the camera unit. So what’s within that camera unit? Well a 13 mega pixel shooter, yes 13 mega pixels.  While mega pixels are not the sign of a high quality camera, it is surely an upgrade from what to expect. The screen on the new Droid XT928 measures in at 4.5 inches. Its pixel resolution measures in at 1280×720 and provides its user with super clear HD resolution. The glass on this amazing device is as you expected Corning’s very own infamous Gorilla Glass. Internally the new XT928 runs a super fast 1.2 GHz dual core processor that is backed by 1GB of RAM. Sound good enough to you? Well it gets a bit better. The XT928 runs with Android version 2.3 or Gingerbread and will
surely see an Ice Cream sandwich update in the very near future. It also carries a 1.3 mega pixel front facing camera. While the XT928 is destined for China Telecom comes December, it is highly anticipated to be announced in an American version in the coming months. CES anyone?

Just with this bare minimum of specs you can tell this new Motorola Droid is powerful. The only thing I would add? LTE 4G connectivity and a stateside announcement. What do you think of the new Motorola XT928? Sound like your next phone? Sound off in the comments below and let’s tell Motorola how much we want one! But before you go check out our Motorola accessories today.

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