Motorola Xoom Family Edition sets it sights on your family time

Tablets are the new hotcakes and every manufacturer is attempting to corner ever niche of the market. Motorola is currently gearing up for a launch of not one but two new Xoom 2’s, this at least according to the latest rumors and leaky details. What many have may forgot about, and I over looked entirely is the Motorola Xoom Family. With the iPad making waves in the hands of children, it seems that Motorola has seen a new angle for competing, and it’s not a bad idea…in theory of course.

The Motorola Xoom Family edition was first spotted earlier this month on Engadget and was rumored to be making its way to retail electronics stores. Well, that rumor was not too far off as Motorola has made the Xoom Family official today by way of a good old fashioned press release. The new Xoom tablet will cost about $380 bucks and will be exclusively sold at Best Buy. This new tablet has entered the fray to keep your kids learning and entertained, but it also packs all the details one would need to stay productive. The Xoom Family edition comes fully equipped with a kid friendly application called Zoodles that will turn any Android into a kid orientated device. When you put the Xoom into Zoodles “Kid Mode” the young user will have access to many games, videos and interactive learning tools, while keeping them away from the other more detailed (or boring to a kid) functions of the Xoom. So by day it’s an amazing baby sitter and teacher for your youngins’, but by night this thing can fly (presumably of course)! If you’re anything like me, you probably let the name fool you when it comes to specs, well were both wrong as the Xoom Family is impressive. This excellent new slate uses a 10.1 inch HS IPS HD display which is a slight upgrade in resolution compared to the original Xoom. Under that big beautiful screen lies a dual core 1GHz processor that is making the magic of specific for tablets Android version 3.1 run smooth as butter. Additionally you can expect a 5 mega pixel camera with LED flash and 720p video recording capabilities. It sports 16GB of internal memory and hopefully all the other standards you expect from a tablet.

The Xoom Family will come packed with some pretty helpful applications as well. The kinda bloatware you actually want…maybe. First off is Zoodles, the kid friendly way to keep your kids in line with technology. Take a look at this video below for more on Zoodles. Gotta love it when Barney gets kicked!


The Xoom Family will also come packing ‘MotoPack’ which is an application downloader by Motorola, QuickOffice Pro HD, MotoPrint and a bunch of games including Sim City Deluxe and Asphalt 6.

So, the Xoom Family editions on its way to a house hold near you? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of this new Xoom Family tablet. Before you leave, take a gander at all of our Motorola Xoom accessories.

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