Motorola confirms the Wi-Fi Xoom at $599

If you are anything like me you would never consider adding another ‘plan’ to your tablet purchase, its just seems redundant with the advent of hotspots etc. Good news today for people like you and me. If you have been considering picking up a new Motorola Xoom, but you were waiting for the Wi-Fi only version – well the time has come. Motorola has announced the details of the Wi-Fi edition Xoom and its price seems just about right.

Motorola announced today that a Wi-Fi version of the Xoom tablet will be made available in a 32GB flavor on March 27th. This amazing new dual core Xoom will set you back about $599. The price on this 32GB Xoom is perfectly matching that of its iPad 2 rivals, as the 32GB version of the iPad 2 is set at the same price. The Wi-Fi edition will be made available in many outlets including Staples, Best Buy, Costco, Radio Shack, Walmart and select Sam’s clubs. So it shouldn’t be too hard to pick one up come March 27th.

But what do you get for $599? Let’s take a look. The Motorola Xoom has a 10.1 inch HD screen with a 1280×800 resolution. But wait it gets better. The Motorola Xoom comes fully equipped with slate centric Android 3.0 or Honeycomb as well as a 5 megapixel rear facing camera that can record video in 720p. There is indeed a front facing camera for video chatting or conferencing, this camera clocks in at 2 megapixels.  Under the hood of the Xoom a dual-core ARM-based Tegra 2 processor clocked in at 1000 MHz and 1 GB of RAM make all the magic happen. Of course you can expect all the other now known as standards, including an accelerometer and gyroscope and of course Adobe Flash. The Motorola Xoom also has a barometer, just in case measuring atmospheric pressure is something you’re looking for in a tablet. Wi-Fi versions 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n can be found in the Xoom as well. The Xoom also offers expandable memory up to 32GB with a microSD and or microSDHC card slots. There are surely more details to the Xoom then this, however couple these specs and the 150k strong Android Market and the slew of dual core focused apps on the way and you may have yourself a winner- or at least an arch nemesis to the ever famous iPad.

So match the 32GB Xoom tablet to the 32 GB iPad 2 and let us know which one you will be going with. It’s a tough choice, be sure to check out the long list of reviews all over the interwebs and let us know which one you want. Personally I’m torn.

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