Motorola Hints at Tablet Announcement during CES 2011

Motorola's coming 10-inch tablet better kick some butt for how much smack the company is talking.

Motorola has released a little YouTube video hinting at its expected announcement of its 10-inch tablet during the Consumer Electronics Show 2011 in Las Vegas. The video takes some jabs at tablets stuck running Android 2.2 ‘Froyo’ and the iPad. Don’t worry, I’ve got the video and a breakdown of what we can expect Motorola to actually unveil at CES next month (January 6th through 9th).

It’s like a giant iPhone, but… it’s like a giant iPhone:

As you can see, Motorola decided to play with the idea of what exactly a tablet is to lighten up the commercial and set up its shots at its competition. Apple’s iPad is hit with “It’s like a giant iPhone, but… it’s like a giant iPhone.” Samsung’s Galaxy Tab gets thrown under the bus with “Android OS, but Android OS…for a phone.” Motorola’s own tablet sits at the end of the video covered with a black sheet and “CES 2011” flashes by along with Motorola’s logo.

First things first—how do you feel about Motorola’s obvious statement that the iPad is like a giant iPhone? Given that Apple outsells Motorola’s smart phones with its iPhone by a pretty big margin, I’m not sure if that’s really a jab or just Motorola not being able to come up with anything better. Is there anything wrong with a tablet being like a larger version of a popular smart phone? I thought that was really the whole point…

Second, Motorola taking shots at Samsung’s tablet try isn’t very nice. After all, Motorola decided to wait until later because it wanted Android ‘Honeycomb’ on its tablet instead the already available Android Froyo. (I’m giving up on the numerical version numbers since they seem to change every other week.) Yes, Froyo isn’t the best OS for a device with a larger screen—like a tablet—but Samsung couldn’t help that. Besides, it’s not like the Galaxy Tab won’t be able to upgrade to Android ‘Gingerbread’ or Honeycomb eventually.

So do you think Motorola will truly wow us with its yet unnamed tablet at CES? It has set the bar pretty high for itself. I’m sure the NIVIDA Tegra 2 processor chipset inside of its 10-inch tablet will scream but worried that Motorola hasn’t gotten all the bugs worked out of its implementation of Google’s new OS version.

It’s getting harder and harder to sell customers on hardware alone as they grow to expected a user experience that is simple and intuitive. Can Motorola/Google pull this off and upset Apple in the tablet wars? Let me know!

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