The Motorola Spyder and one of the two Xoom 2’s show face and rear in some new leaky pictures

As manufacturers make phones and tablets they need to strike up deals with carriers in order to put their new toy in line with the money spending public. Usually when this happens, we get to see leaky faucet shots of the devices that have made their way through the cracks. The first time the world got a glimpse at what was being called the Droid HD at the time, there was only a lonely sticky    barcode attached. The second time around we got a beautiful rendering of the device, and as cliché as it sounds the third time’s a charm as the new leaky shots of the Droid HD, Droid RAZR or Motorola Spyder, which ever you prefer now has Verizon branding on its rear.

New Shots of the Droid Spyder have leaked to Engadget but don’t really tell us much more than what is already known. The new stills give us a glimpse of its actual build and its predetermined destiny on big red’s network, which is not surprising.  Rumors of the device initially stated its body and or ‘housing’ would be made of Kevlar material. While these new pictures don’t necessarily confirm that, it looks as if the rear door of the device is made of carbon fiber. Here’s to hoping it’s not just an outer design and the door and its housing are made of these high end premium materials. The Droid Spyder also sports Verizon branding on the front and rear of the device along with 4G LTE branding. Early leaked specs of the Spyder give it a 4.3 inch 960×540 qHD Super AMOLED screen, 1GB of RAM, an 8 mega pixel camera that can shoot 1080p video as well as a front facing camera that can also shoot in HD (720p). Chipset you ask? Well, the initial rumors state that it would clock in at 1.2 GHz and be dual to the core. The leaked unit you see here is stated to be clocked in at 1.5 GHz but according to the tipster who has the phone, the for sale version will stick with the 1.2 setting. While the details on launch are slim to none, it’s probably a good chance we will see this device in time for the holidays and its pricing will be just over the norm when it comes to high end smart phones. Will it be your next phone?

Next up in this newly uncovered Motorola leak is the Xoom 2. While Verizon and Motorola have just recently started giving users 4G LTE functionality on their original Xoom’s the Xoom 2 is just around the bend to outdate them! Rumors and leaks of the Xoom 2 started way back in June and have gradually built up to what you see before you. More recently however the world was graced with a look at not one but two new Motorola tablet prototypes. These leaks of the new Xoom show off the 8.2 inch version of the upcoming tablet. The tipster that sent this info into Engadget said the new midsized Xoom is in “better shape” than its previous builds as according to the info fell victim to some nasty bugs.  While the smaller of the two leaked Xoom 2’s is said to be the Media Edition and pegged at replacing your e-reader, it’s likely to carry similar specs to the larger or ‘classic’ version. Rumors speculate the Classic version will pack in a 1.2 GHz processor, which one could only assume to be dual core this day in age. It’s also said to ship with 1GB of RAM, 1080p video recording capabilities with Android 3.2 and 4G LTE connectivity expected on both units. When? Well no one is sure on that, but I’m sure there is a push for the holidays.

So, one of the two new Xoom floating your boating? Personally, I’m very interested in the Droid HDSPYDERRAZR. I mean an Kevlar build, LTE 4G and high end magical abilities, what more could you want. The Xoom…well that’s another story. But I want to hear yours, so sound off in the comments and let us know what you think. But before you leave check out all of our Motorola accessories today…go, do it!

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