Motorola Olympus MB860 Power by Tegra 2 Processor Coming to AT&T

 There have plenty of rumors surrounding Motorola making a smartphone powered by a NIVIDA Tegra 2 dual-core processor.  The rumors have started to heat up, and while the Tegra 2 powered smartphone Motorola is working on has been referred to as the ‘T2’ in reference to its Tegra 2 processor, speculation about the name has started to converge. The T2 might actually be the Motorola Olympus (codenamed MB860) and according to AndroidandMe, it will be coming to AT&T’s network as well as Verizon Wirelesses.

The Olympus MB860 had initially been thought to be a tablet device, but a Wi-Fi certification for it lists it as a smartphone; one with Wi-Fi a/b/g/n.  It is also expected to one of the very first smartphones running Android OS ‘Gingerbread’, the next big operating system release Google is working on for its powerful smartphone platform. Not much else is known about the device besides its processor configuration with two cores at 1 GHz each and its own graphics processor from NVIDA.

To further affirm the Olympus MB860, AT&T and Gingerbread, a few interested tidbits are floating around. On Twitter, @androiddevicespy posted “olympus/MB860/Olympus/ATT #android.” That is not much to go on, but a supposed screen shot of the Olympus’s about screen has show up online as well. While it is practically impossible to verify screen shots of about screens, the picture does claim the device is running Android OS version 3.0, Motorola as the manufacturer and a model number of MB860. Food for thought.

While Verizon’s version of the Olympus might be running with an LTE (long term evolution or 4G) cellular radio, this has not been confirmed.

What do you think of all of this info? This just seems to be too many different sources (albeit rumor ones with unnamed tipsters) for a Tegra 2 powered smartphone from Motorola not to be coming out in the near future. That AT&T wants its hands on it comes as no surprise. AT&T is most likely losing its exclusivity contract for Apple’s iPhone at the end of this year and even the Wall Street Journal says Apple is making a model for Verizon. AT&T desperately needs some high powered Android smartphones if it wants to keep its customers from going to the greener pastures of Verizon’s network.

Let me know if are starting to believe in the Olympus MB860 from Motorola and AT&T/Verizon. Leave a comment and tell if you would be interested in getting one.

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