Motorola MB865 is the LTE Atrix 2 ?

When the Motorola Atrix 4G appeared it seemed like a fantasy phone for any and all mobile geeks out there. I’m mean really. A fingerprint reader for security access to the phone and its newly announced webtop application made for the some of the best in mobile erotica. While the feedback of the Atrix was a bit mixed the concept and idea behind it made many drool. For round two what you add? Well for most that have had hands on time, the best upgrade would most likely be an upgrade to LTE. A new leak surrounding a mysterious At&t Motorola device may give those interested just that.

The mysterious new Motorola device was initially caught surfacing to the interwebs last week from a site named While it is unclear as to exactly the nature of this device many are assuming it to be the successor to the original Atrix. The new device carries a model number of MB865 and is said to be rocking a 4G LTE radio. This radio and the original Atrix’s origins are leading many to believe that the Atrix 2 or the MB865 will be At&t’s first LTE device. While At&t’s LTE network is not completely in full swing, the MB865 is said to be undergoing some field testing and is expected to hit the market when At&t’s LTE begins budding outside of its initial 15 city expansion that is set to come by the end of this summer.

Details of the MB865 or what is being called the Atrix 2 are as scarce as you would expect from a random leak out of China. We can expect an 8 mega pixel shooter that is capable of shooting video in 1080p, an HD display and a dual core processor. If it is the Atrix 2 we can surely expect the same webtop experience, however the lack of the finger print reader is surely a disappointment. Other noticeable differences can be found in the repositioning of the headset jack and power button as well as the evident lack of MotorBlur and the inclusion of what looks to be a dedicated shutter button for snappily snapping some pictures. Other small details pointed out by the source and slightly evident in the pictures are the new MB865 or Atrix 2 will rock curved glass over its display.

While there is no real way to tell if this new MB865 or Atrix 2 will ever hit the market its sounds like a good device to wish for, especially if LTE is embedded. Let us know what you think of the new Atrix 2. Can’t wait or don’t care because the lack of the fingerprint reader? I know I’m bummed about its removal. Let us know what you think of the Atrix 2 and if you use an original Atrix 4G let us know how you would change it.

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