Motorola Jordan can swim

There are a few different realms of the cell phone industry. There are simple not so smart phones, then there are the mid or entry level smartphones and then obviously there are flagship or super smartphones. But within the midst of these ‘sectors’ there is a major difference when it comes to durability. Don’t be rough on your flagship super phone, as it was not intended to go onto that construction site. Usually the mid to entry level smartphones are used to fill the demand of ruggedness, think of the 8530i from Blackberry or the rugged Motorola i1 for Boost.

Motorola will be launching an Android based device in the near future that is more rugged than the bottom of sasquatches feet. According to BGR.Com Motorola will be launching a new phone dubbed ‘Jordan’ and would be water proof up to 33 feet, amazing. There is really not much more to this rumor as its swimming abilities will most likely be the extent of its wow factor. Rumored time frame on the Jordan puts its release around November, so just in time for the holidays. It is unclear as to which version Android this device will be running, but given its market sector I could imagine it won’t come with 2.2 installed. If you’re lucky it will be running 2.0 or even lower, as there have been multiple devices released recently with the likes of 1.6 and that’s a dang shame if you ask me.

So what to expect from the Jordan? Its hard to tell at this point, but don’t worry about dropping it in your toilet, or even on the ground for that matter as this is what devices like these are made for.

Oh and for the record, it is unclear as to what Micheal Jordan may have to do with this device.

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