Motorola i1 coming to Sprint

The Motorola i1 was released under the Boost mobile moniker a few months ago, giving new Android life to the pre paid division of Sprints iDen network. So the Motorola i1 making its official post paid debut under the Sprint logo is not too surprising.  But adding a new Android to their lineup is definitely a good call on behalf of Sprint.

The Motorola i1 released to Boost mobile on June 20th, with the power of push to talk and Android it seemingly made a big splash in the pre paid world. Now the i1 is not the most powerful device in the world, not by a long shot. But its rugged specs make it one of the most durable lower end smart phones on the market. The Motorola i1 sports a 3.1 HVGA screen, a military grade housing that resist wind, dust and any shock that may come from drops or heavy use. Other specs of the Motorola i1 include its, 5 mega pixel camera, Bluetooth, GPS, external memory can be expanded to GPS, external memory can be expanded to 32GB and ships with a 2GB. The Motorola i1 comes standard with the Android OS and has a few perks; coming pre installed with Swype texting, and also comes equipped with the famed browser Mini opera in addition to the native browser found on Androids. The first Android to run on the iDen network is impressive to say the least, as its design and form function is surely a win to anyone that gets their hands on it.

The Motorola i1 was almost destine for the Sprint-Nextel network and the time has come. The announcement from Sprint comes in today, making the first ever Android phone on the Nextel network a reality. The i1 comes to Sprint at the price of just a mere $149.99 with a new contract, most of the features found on the Boost version of the i1 are still intact on the Sprint branded version and will still hold its unique rugged standard that is not usually found on the Androids of the day.

The Motorola i1 will presumably be available to Sprint customers on August 8th, the i1 carries Android OS version 1.5, which is probably the only negative that can be said about this rugged little device. More information on the Motorola i1 can be found on Sprints website

 So get your coin up, the Motorola i1 will makes its debut on Sprint shortly, will you have one?

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