The Motorola HD and Droid Bionic get spied side by side, Bionic who?



One day the Droid Bionic will release and we can finally get over it…of course that’s just until this newly scoped HD gets ousted. The Droid Bionic made its first appearance back at CES of 2010 alongside the Atrix and the Xoom tablet. The Bionic however was pulled from its initial release time frame due to Motorola’s need for a spec bump and redesign. While anyone interested gets over the prospect of the Bionic more competitive and actually ‘going’ to release phones are making their ways into the hearts and minds of super mobile geeks and basic end users alike. Take this newly uncovered Motorola Droid HD for example.

The Motorola HD was initially brought into the fold when it was spotted as the device that uploaded a picture to Flickr. The picture in case you were wondering was of an early redesign of the Droid Bionic, ironically enough. So the pictures that have leaked today come to the interwebs courtesy of Engadget. The pictures show the newly found HD side by side to the recently leaked into the wild and not really anticipated anymore Droid Bionic. We have seen enough about the Bionic. Let’s talk Droid HD shall we? While the exact details have yet to be confirmed there is quite a lot to learn about the HD with just these spy shots. It seems that this newly found HD device is running Android OS              2.3 or Gingerbread and comes with a slew of features that would make any current phone tremble in fear. The Droid HD uses a 4.5 inch touch screen display, which by its name is expected to be qHD with a pixel resolution of 1280×720. By the looks of this picture we can also expect an 8 mega pixel camera that can record video in full 1080p HD as well as a front facing camera for all your video conferencing needs. Other expected details reveal a micro USB and mini HDMI port for connectivity and a SIM card and micro SD memory card slot. The Droid HD is also sporting what seems to be a very large battery pack that shows to be removable. It is also super thin. When pictured next to the Droid Bionic you can see a drastic difference in thickness. Engadget’s estimates on its thickness put it right in line with all of its current competitors, like the iPhone and Galaxy S II. It’s assumed it will measure in between 8.5mm and 9; however it may turn out to be much thinner. The design of the device is nice and is in some respects slightly similar to the recently launched Photon 4G. Expect this new beast to launch under Verizon’s wings and sail into oblivion.

Let us know what you think of the newly uncovered Droid HD. Any interest, or are you still waiting on the Bionic? Sound off and let us know and of course check out our Motorola accessories.

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