Motorola: Froyo on Droid X a no go

I can hear them now, shaking their finger “It’s for your own good” or “You’ll shoot your eye out”. The end of last week brought the world a leaked version of Froyo for the monster phone the Motorola Droid X. Now I personally don’t recommend updating software that is not “officially” official but last week when MyDroidWorld showed off the Motorola Droid X running Froyo, I was thinking if I was  a Droid X user I would be all over that considering the extended timeframe for the officially launch.

The Droid X is an amazing device and has the power to be even that much more amazing with the likes of Froyo.  But if you were a little late to the party and are just now catching wind of the Froyo leak for your Droid X, well you may have to dig a little deeper. Motorola has recently sent a cease and desist email to MyDroidWorld requesting that the download be removed. This is the site that originally discovered the leak and then posted it for download to any Droid X user out there. It is unclear as to the exact reasons behind the cease and desist email however,  it is most likely a combination of standard “policy” mixed with a little bit of Motorola being concerned that the update is not fully complete and could end up screwing up some Droid X’s. Case in point the early adopters that bricked up their HTC EVO’s attempting to accomplish the same thing.

With Motorola’s recent eFuse technology and locked bootloaders it looks like their detestation for the mod world is still largely in effect. If they want to take the chance let them Motorola, now I know the update is proprietary and all that but come on, let them have their fun with your amazing device. That is what you made it for right?

Did you get Froyo on your Droid X? Before the gates closed, let us know.

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