The New Age of Super Sized Phones Confirmed with the Motorola Fighter?

Monster phones have recently taken on a more literal definition. It used to be if your phones internals were full with the maxed out specs of the season…you were using a ‘monster’ smart phone. Recently a more literally interpretation has taken the field by storm with some rather large devices. Last week Strategy Analytics published some details about how we end users feel about our screen size. Previous studies showed that the median screen size for an Android device was between 4 and 4.3 inches. The survey sampled smart phone users from the Android, iPhone, Blackberry sectors to confirm that 9 out of 10 users when looking forward toward new devices, look at screen size first when considering upgrades. Luckily, Samsung, LG were seemingly privy to this information and produced 5.3” and 5” devices. Some news out of the rumor mill today has produced some pictures that say Motorola has gotten the memo.

The Motorola Droid Fighter, as it is called first showed off its name and potential release date back in February. At the time the manufacturer was unknown. PhoneHK forums and Mfunz a mobile blog have leaked what looks to be an oversized Motorola Droid RAZR. Details of the device name it the mysterious Motorola manufactured Droid Fighter. While we love the shots from Mr. Blurrycam it seems that this picture of the newly leaked device will be worth a thousand words…or a few hundred at least. Specs on this new behemoth are little to none. The huge device can be seen here belittling its RAZR counterpart, stage right. The Fighter pictured to the left is a huge 4.6 inch device that packs in an HD display. Unfortunately that is where the spec’s buck stops. While we may not know the specs, the Fighters lack of hard ware buttons make it safe to assume the presence of Android version 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich. Other red flags give this new massive handset an American launch due to its Verizon branding. With a few RAZR variants now roaming the earth, it would not be too hard to imagine a 4.6 inch version would it? Additional rumors surrounding this behemoth of a phone are speculations around its battery. It is rumored that the Droid Fighter would pack in the same super large 3300 mAh battery. With a screen like that and presumable LTE connectivity, we would sure hope so.

Take all this with a huge grain of salt as the Droid Fighter may not live into fruition. According to the previous rumors about the device, the Droid Fighter may be expected on store shelves come April 12th. In the mean time we will keep you posted on any updates. But let us know what you think of this new monster phone. Did Motorola shoot themselves in the foot with this ultra large display? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think, and always remember we carry the very best Motorola accessories known to man!

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