The Motorola ES400 a Windows Embedded Handheld

Recently Motorola has launched a new phone, the ES400. The ES400 looks to be a phone that can take a beating and keep on coming. The new Motorola phone is loaded with a bunch of features, outside of its rugged exterior the ES400 is still a smart phone on the inside.

The Motorola ES400 can most likely jump out of a plane, parachute and invade any competitor’s camp with or without you. However the Motorola ES400 is seemingly designed with the heavy user in mind, the design and build of the phone will allow the user to drop the phone multiple times and even take on a little rain from time to time. But one of the best features on the new Motorola ES400 must be the new Microsoft mobile operating system. No not Windows 7, but rather as a “Windows Embedded Handheld” which is essentially an enterprise build up of Windows Mobile 6.5.

The idea behind this new Motorola phone is indeed for enterprise and it is truly noticeable. The Windows based Motorola ES400 carries a 3.2 megapixel camera, and a list full of other goodies some of which are quite intriguing. The ES400 can on either GSM or CDMA networks or supports 802.1 Wi-Fi receivers, Bluetooth 2.0. Other interesting features of the new Motorola ES400 include a finger print reader, a barcode reader. The ES400 also carries GPS, as well as Micro SD slots for external memory; the device is built on a 600 MHz processor and carries 256 MB of internal storage.  

Built to military standards, the ES400 will accept a beating smile and ask for more. The device is rumored for release in Q4 and should be a pleasing addition to small and large businesses alike.

Tell me what you think of this Motorola ES400, because I know I sure want a fingerprint scanner on my phone.

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