Motorola’s Coming Dual-Core Powered T2 for Mobile Gaming?

Motorola is building a super-high end smartphone with a dual-core processor from NVIDA. According to Androidandme, the chipset that NVIDA is building is called the Tegra 2 and while no official (or really even unofficial) name for the coming Motorola smartphone has been released, bloggers have taken up calling it the T2 or Droid T2. What’s so great about this unannounced phone from Motorola?  It’ll be fast. Really, really fast.

The new phone is expected to be announced on January 5th at the Consumer Electronics Show and will appear on multiple carriers here in the US. It will also be one of the first, if not the first, Android powered smartphone to have Android version 2.5 ‘Gingerbread’. Excited yet?

While not much is known about the coming Motorola right now, NVIDA does admit that it is working with Motorola right now. What we know though are the specs of the Tegra 2 mobile processor. Codenamed the ‘AP20’, the processor boasts two cores at 1 GHz each. It also has a mobile graphics processor unit (GPU) and be able to do 1080p video.  Remember how huge it was for PCs when the first dual core processors came out? Adding a second core might generate more heat and use more power, but it practically doubles processing speed. Manufacturers working with the new processor say it doubles web surfing speed and improves gaming performance by a factor of 5 over current 1 GHz single core processors.

The Motorola T2 is expected to launch early in 2011, so we should be getting our hands on some pictures and videos in the near future. Regardless of how well this phone sells, it will start to mark the shift towards smartphones using multiple cores. Coming tablets are also going to be using multiple cores. It looks like our smartphones are going to be at least twice as fast as they were last year. Now if only it didn’t cost so much to upgrade.

More excited about the coming Android ‘Gingerbread’ update or the T2? Think dual-core smartphones are where it is at? Going to wait until early next year when all the dual-core models come out for a new smartphone or content with the single core offerings available? Can Android become a solid gaming platform like iOS has started to? Let me know what you think!

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